Courtyard at Shaniah House

Shaniah Courtyard

Transitional housing can be the right choice for those who realize that their current living situation does not support their decision to live clean and sober.  Our experience shows that participating in a clean and sober home greatly increases the individual’s success in sustaining recovery.  Current residents benefit from the experience, strength and hope of those who went before them, as our many alumni return and share their gratitude, successes and struggles.

SHANIAH HOUSE is a Sober Living Home designed to provide a safe and structured place to live for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Many people in early recovery need sustained, consistent support while they adjust to a new life in sobriety.  Shaniah House can help provide that support, as well as the accountability and fellowship so vital to a clean and sober lifestyle.

Our primary focus for each individual is the development of a foundation in recovery, with the goal of becoming a productive and contributing member of society.

Shaniah Alumni Testimonial Shaniah Alumni Testimonial